All meteorites found and offered by us in sales are scientifically researched and classified by different institutes and universities. For details, please see in the section classification, where so far known and acknowledged meteorite-types, classes and groups are described more in detail.

Mit dem Geländewagen unterwegs

According to type and rarity of the meteorite in question different procedures of petrographic examination are applied, from mineralogical investigation by finecut-microscopy to microsonde-analyses of elemental distribution in single minerals to raregas- and isotopical analyses. These sometimes very complex and expensive procedures are carried out by specialized institutes, and sometimes our meteorites simultaneously are examined by several institutes.

All this not only prooves the authenticity of our meteorite finds, but above all it serves scientific purposes. The results of these investigations are regularly published in the meteoritical bulletin, the major specialty publication of the international Meteoritical Society. There you can find the reports and data of our meteorite finds as well.

If you purchase one of our meteorites, you receive respectively an authenticity certificate issued by us with the details about the Classification and all further important data of the find. In rare meteorites, e.g. the Carbonaceous Chondrite Hammadah al Hamra 280 (CK4), this includes a copy of the most important scientific investigations of this meteorite. We sell only material beyond all doubt and guarantee that our customers get what they ordered: real meteorites with corresponding scientific documentation