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What is it that makes someone search for meteorites in the unhospitable expanses of deserts? In the beginning this was not our primary goal. Everything started with a little group of adventurers, going to the Sahara to enjoy both the loneliness and the hours together at the camp fire- because in the deserts at night it can be quite cold! We were adventure holiday-makers who looked for the experience of "pure nature ".

Of course we already heard that in the expanses of the Sahara, in the rocky plains of the Hammadahs, one can find meteorites, standing out against the lighter underground with their black crusts. For us, it was a far more attractive adventure, to find such a "star" fallen to the earth ourselves. So we just got into our jeeps and went to search for them!

We were happy like children when we found our first meteorite and for the first time held a black stone in our hands, that was not from this earth. It was an incredible feeling! A feeling that didn't leave, for quite soon we spent the entire day searching for meteorites- with more and more success. Quite soon we had found an entire series of different meteorites which we took home with us with pride.

At home the enthusiasm didn't let go: we brought our finds to the next university in order to get them tested for authenticity. And we gathered all informations we could get about everything concerning meteorites. We read books, surfed in the internet and sucked in all available information. And we learned that meteorites besides their scientific significance also have a commercial value. Because quite soon meteorite collectors and meteorite dealers showed interest in our findings, and we realized that there is a regular market for this cosmic material.

So we made up our minds to do further expeditions, which turned out to be as successful as the first one. We were lucky and found real rarities e.g. the carbonaceous chondrite Hammadah al Hamra 280, which contains matter that is older than our sun! Or the howardite Hammadah al Hamra 285, a rock blasted off from the surface of the asteroid Vesta, the fourth largest planetoide in our solar system! Our enthusiasm grew more and more.

Gradually our team grew bigger, and we decided from now on to do the search for meteorites professionally. This also meant that some members of the team specialized and concentrated on certain responsibilities like selling, on the publication of our finds, on the contact to scientific institutes and museums, on the subtleties of meteorite science as well as on the maintenance of this website.

The main area of our work, however still is the search for meteorites as well as documentation of all our finds being of scientific importance . Within the last year, we carried out seven expeditions: we have been several times in the Sahara until something lured us to the deserts of Oman. Also there we found numerous new meteorites, many of which had not yet been classified or had not yet been published in the specialist publications.

You can look forward to further news from us. Just visit us from time to time because we permanently update our new findings in our informations- and sales area. It is worthwhile!